Monday, February 27, 2012

Flip (and not Wilson)?!?

Publicity photo of Bob Hope and Flip Wilson fr...Image via WikipediaSo check this out blog peeps (all 4 of you). I am looking at jumping on the, FOTM in education, bandwagon and running a flipped classroom. My little spin on it will teaching an information literacy class, which is really a seven week workshop and see if there is an difference in the results from other times that I have run the class before. I wonder if in such a short time frame that the flip design will produce the results that I have been reading about in other "traditional" classes.

I've got some time to create the videos since the class doesn't run until the Fall. You can check out some info on Flipped Classrooms over at Ted or the Khan Academy which has a lot of video examples of flipped lessons and some videos talking about the flipped design.

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