Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thursday, November 19, 2009

The 'C' Word Rears its Head Again! No not *that* 'C' word.

Dangerous books are in this library.Image by Manchester Library via Flickr


This is the story that won't go away about the library staff, not librarians, that wouldn't check out a book that they deemed to be obscene, even though the book in question violates no obscenity law.

Read the article and judge for yourself. I happen to agree with the library director on this one (big shock) and his decision to fire these women. Read up and what they did and why and you decide for yourself.

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Monday, November 16, 2009

World's Ugliest Buildings

Longaberger Company Headquarters, Newark, OhioImage by michaelgoodin via Flickr

Surprised there are a few libraries on the list?

Not me.


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Monday, November 9, 2009

Library (not Depeche Mode) 101 - My Take

Library 101 T Shirt (on a binary rainbow at that!)Image by libraryman via Flickr

Ok, I've seen the video, been on the webpage and read a lot of the scuttlebutt, pro and con. Now to my two cents about the whole thing.

What's the big deal, either way?

A few librarians got together and came up with this idea on what they think are important ideas, notions, skills, whatever you want to call it, on librarianship. They make a video, goofy I'll admit but it seems like they are having fun. They shamelessly over promote it, this is the internet so this is to be expected. Get the word out on it and all that. Good job on that front. But what about the substance? The importance of the '101'?

That seems to be what's getting peoples knickers in a twist, pro and con. There are some that are gushing about it and that's fine, if they dig it they dig it and see its use and merit. But there is also a segment that just bash it like it's some sort of unholy abomination, a blight upon the face of librarianship. Dudes and dudettes, chill out.

I think what this whole deal had brought out is that there are a lot of areas of librarianship, some of which will find the Library 101 tools worthwhile and some that don't, plain and simple. I remember back when I was entering library school, I had this very narrow view of librarianship and what it meant to be a librarian. Low and behold, I was a ninny because while I was there, I saw all sorts of areas and fields of librarianship that I had no idea about or never thought fell under the umbrella of librarianship. That's what, I think, is at the crux of why there are some that think Library 101 is useless, it may just be useless to them because of the area of librarianship that they are in. For others, it may be a godsend but for others, not so much.

So lay off, if its not your bag then its not your bag. No need to run someone else because of it.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

My Dead Body

Charlie Huston's new book, My Dead Body, the last of the Joe Pitt casebooks is out now!

If you haven't read any of Charlie Huston's work, go do so forthwith. If you haven't read any of the Joe Pitt casebooks, then do so forth-soon. Stephen King raves about Huston's work and I do too, though people may take Stephen King's word for it more than mine.
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