Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ed's Mini Book Review - Vicious Circle

Something I want to get in the habit of doing is write a little review when I finish a book. I did this for a couple of movies on Facebook but didn't keep up with it but no I am determined with the books.

First on tap is Vicious Circle by Mike Carey and is the second of his books featuring Brit exorcist Felix Castor. Fans of the film Constantine will probably like the Felix Castor books as the two are similar in concept. Heck, Mike Carey even wrote the comic Hellblazer that the Constantine film was based on.

Felix, or Fix as his friends call him, is an exorcist who uses music to work his mojo, in particular he plays the flute to bind spirits and dispatch of them. In this go around, Felix is brought in to track a ghost, one of a child that has been kidnapped by another exorcist. Of course with all good mysteries, nothing is what it seems and a number of good twists and turns are abound.

Compared to the first Felix Castor book, The Devil You Know, this outing moves at more of a crisp pace and has the energy and feel of a good old mystery just with a bit of the supernatural kicked in for good measure. Carey does an excellent job of tying in the supernatural world of Felix Castor with the storytelling progression that may bog down lesser books and keeps up the action even while delving into the minds of the various characters in the book.

All-in-all, Vicious Circle, was right up my alley. I like my mysteries with a bit of the macabre or the supernatural and this one is a good one. Well written, moves at a brisk pace, has great dialog, and Fix is a protagonist that shines. I look forward to the next case taken by Felix Castor.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Reading List

White BooksImage by Vicki's Pics via Flickr

Something I've been meaning to do for some time is post my current reading list. I hope I can figure out a way to make some sort of box or bar on the side that I can constantly update.

Well, here is my current reading list.

Vicious Circle by Mike Carey
The Dark Half by Stephen King
Incognito Vol.1 TPB by Ed Brubaker
Scott Pilgrim Vol. 1 TPB by Bryan Lee O'Malley


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