Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall is Here! (It's getting colder, why am I all excited?)

Acer platanoides in autumn colors.Image via WikipediaHappy, Autumn everyone. Not that I am wishing a fall on your part just that the seasons are changing ya know, fugeddabout it.

Anywho's, I am back after some vacation time which was spent relaxing at home with my better half and recharging the old LL batteries for the cold weather ahead, and if you know anything about yours truly, you know I can't stand cold weather. Hopefully that also means getting some more reading done and some more posts about librarian-stuff. I have a couple of reviews to post for The Murder of Roger Ackrody and the last book in Charlie Huston's Henry Thompson trilogy, A Dangerous Man. I also plan on chiming in with my two cents on LibGuides since we just went live with them here at our little ol' college library.

So fun things ahead, at least I think they're fun, especially my Fall Reading List which I'll post shortly. So sit back, enjoy the leaves changing color and some good fall reads....I command you!

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